COVID-19 Resources (Updated June 10, 2021)
July 2, 2021 at 7:00 AM

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General Information & Resources

SVA Speaker Series: Bill Gates in Conversation with Ron Conway

SVA Speaker Series: COVID-19 Discussion with Dr. Larry Brilliant

Protecting Against Coronavirus Email Fraud
As governments, businesses, and citizens around the world navigate the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, there has been a spike in socially engineered email attacks by cybercriminals looking to exploit human strife. Armorblox, an inbound and outbound email security platform, is providing a 90-day free edition of their software to help organizations protect against targeted email attacks that use coronavirus as a lure. You can learn more about the free edition and access other educational resources by visiting the Armorblox COVID-19 Resource Center below.


Emerson Collective is a social change organization that uses a broad range of tools including philanthropy, impact investing, and policy solutions to create the greatest good for the greatest number of people. They've put together this list of remote learning resources and this list of resources for personal wellness.

Golden is on a mission to map out human knowledge and accelerate discovery and learning. They have compiled a comprehensive knowledge guide on COVID-19 located here.

Miso is building the future of personalized search and recommendation systems capable of helping users find what they want, when they want it. With the exponential surge in COVID-19 research, the team recently built a COVID-19 Research Engine, powered by their Ask Miso Anything service, so that researchers, frontline health workers, and public health officials can ask research questions in natural language and get answers directly in seconds from the latest preprint and peer-review research papers. The engine's research index is updated daily, and new features are being added every week, like the ability to sign up for updates on new research, and a leaderboard of which new questions are emerging and where consensus around a past question is shifting.

OfferUp is the simplest way to buy and sell things locally. The 2020 #OfferUpRecommerceReport is dedicated to Parents and Kids and it’s full of new data about how modern parents are adjusting to Coronavirus. Check it out at ( ); has great information/resources in their SF Tech COVID-19 Update.

Tech:NYC has pulled together some helpful resources to assist companies navigating COVID-19 here. You can also sign up for their COVID-19 newsletter with NY-specific updates and info here.

W2O Group has launched a unique information platform in partnership with the California Life Sciences Association. Powered by W2O analytics, the platform, “COR,” provides a one-stop source of curated COVID-19 information, enabling anyone to track and share the most relevant content and voices around the pandemic. The platform refreshes itself every 60 seconds and analyzes millions of coronavirus-related tweets each day as they pertain to the following categories:

  • HCPs: posts that come from handles operated by healthcare providers (HCPs), e.g.: physicians, nurses, etc.
  • Media: content from major media companies and personalities with a focus on healthcare.
  • Life Sciences: posts that either mention a life sciences company or come from a handle operated by a life sciences company.
  • California: posts that either mention a location within California or from handles that are operated by California state or local government outlets.
  • Coronavirus: top-line, unfiltered posts from all of Twitter.

They will launch additional features and lenses to the COR dashboard in the coming weeks, including COVID-19 data and preprints being shared by respected researchers and scientists, as well as communications from global and local health officials.

Help Flatten the Curve

Check your Risk! - In collaboration with infectious disease experts from Emory University, the US Military, and academia, Vital has built a tool that allows you to check your risk for COVID-19.

The tool is meant to bucket users/patients into three risk categories: low, medium, high, based on immediate medical need. The goal is to get enough people to use this to prevent systemic overload and "flatten the curve" to buy time for our healthcare industry.

Voluntarily, users are providing a ZIP/Postal code (but no identifiable information), which we are using to plot the location of self-triaged plausible COVID-19 cases. Our hope is that we can identify hot-spots 3-7 days earlier than officially reported statistics. This data will be made available to governments, researchers, and public health officials. Please participate and share!

Help Fund COVID-19 Aid Shipments

There is a significant shortage of COVID-19 related relief items. Currently, the Fund exclusively focuses on supporting the sourcing and transport of supplies related to the coronavirus pandemic. By helping to cover the logistics costs, you’re enabling supplies worth thousands of dollars to reach people in need.

Help Fund C3 Test

Researchers at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health have developed the C3 Test, a test that can not only detect COVID-19 in people showing no symptoms, but can detect precise viral load and is therefore needed for testing treatments like blood plasma and antimalarials. The team is led by Dr. Ian Lipkin, a renowned expert on pathogen discovery who has himself tested positive but continues to work on treatments.

Given the urgency, the School’s board is using an unorthodox crowdfunding campaign that invites the public to contribute to emergency funding for adding testing capacity. Anyone can donate here.

Collaboration Opportunities

AWS Survey to Pair Companies with Global Healthcare Providers - As work to battle COVID-19 escalates, at AWS we’re hearing from healthcare providers around the world looking to rapidly deploy new approaches to diagnostic, treatment, and operational challenges including an appetite to work with startups. We're looking to enhance the signal-to-noise ratio, help match supply and demand, and increase the responsiveness, capacity and resiliency of our healthcare systems.

If you have capabilities relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic, please let us know through this short survey instrument. We’ll be organizing this information by key use cases, sharing those options with healthcare organizations and will make direct introductions to those expressing interest in specific ventures/approaches/solutions.

Resources, Offers, & Services

Business Continuity/Productivity

Ava offers real-time transcription for deaf/hard-of-hearing & non-native speakers. Ava's speech recognition captioning technology has been improved specifically for all online meetings, and they are making the Pro & Campus plans 100% free for the next 30 days for new users. They absolutely believe every deaf/hard-of-hearing employee should be on this plan to have the accessibility they deserve. It's also really nice if you are have a lot of interviews & sales calls to transcribe. People can start their trial here directly.

CodeSignal, a technical skills assessment company committed to helping the world #GoBeyondResumes, is offering free access to its online interviewing solution through May 31, 2020, in response to COVID-19. With its advanced cloud IDE and newly launched virtual whiteboard feature, teams can confidently make the switch from onsite to remote technical interviews. Request free access here.

Glide turns spreadsheets into apps. The result is a friendly mobile app that stays in sync with your spreadsheet, that you can share with an unlimited number of users. We've seen a wave of health & safety apps in the past two weeks, allowing doctors and do-gooders to distribute and collaborate on spreadsheet data with audiences of over 40,000 users in some cases. Try it at and use coupon B371892F3 to unlock our enterprise features (Glide Organizations) for three months free for COVID-19 use cases.

Lever is a recruiting software company that has made its Remote Interviewing solution available at no charge through May 31st, 2020. The solution includes expanded functionality that was fast-tracked last week in order to fully support remote interviewing with its Zoom integration.

By offering this integration at no cost, Lever is supporting companies as they cope with how to keep hiring during this unprecedented time of newly distributed teams and remote work. You can find more information on this offer here.

RemoteHQ is a collaboration tool for remote teams. Stay connected and work together virtually with your team in all the ways you do in real life. Fully browser-based. Free for the next few months -

Remotion puts your team on your desktop so you can see who’s free and jump into quick video chats. Bring your team together with more face-to-face collaboration. They're in beta for macOS and are free for teams.

Tandem is a virtual office for remote teams, where you can see who’s available and talk/video/screenshare in one click. We’re here to help: we’ve waived all fees for the next few months:

Uppercase is a full-service real estate company that uses technology to make the experience of opening stores fast, convenient, and transparent. They’ve created a guide to help retail founders and their teams manage through the pandemic.

Brandathon (not affiliated) is a weekend-long branding hackathon where 9 expert creatives rebrand 3 early-stage companies, all while being critiqued and mentored by iconic founders, CMOs, creative directors and VCs. In response to Covid-19, we've created a virtual infrastructure for hosting our weekend experience moving forward. Becoming remote has actually allowed us to cut costs dramatically, while doubling or creative and mentor rosters. We're also okay with making less profit, which stems from the belief that the rising tide will lift us all.  All said, we're offering a 50% discount on Brandathon until things normalize. Please find our deck linked here.

If your company is pivoting in response to the pandemic, we can revamp your strategy. If your current brand guidelines feel out of touch, we can completely reimagine your tone and voice. Exceptional design, sales documents and pitch decks go a long way in building trust during hard times, and we want to be there in the trenches with you. Let us know if we can help your brand!

Education/School Closures

Outschool is partnering with employers to support working parents through the challenges of school closures. 
Outschool offers over 50,000 (and counting!) live, online activities for learners ages 3-18 across a range of topics, from core academic subjects to extracurriculars and unique offerings like structural engineering, drawing animation and forensic science. All Outschool classes and teachers are vetted by our team of experts, ensuring a safe and high-quality experience. Classes are conducted in small groups via live video chat, making them social, interactive and fun! 
Partnering with Outschool is a great way for companies to support working parents, especially during this difficult time. For more info, reach out to or visit - Comprehensive resources for parents and teachers, built by a coalition of education and technology experts. If you, or your company, are involved with relief efforts and would like to join the coalition, please let them know.

The COVID-19 pandemic is highlighting the digital inequities many of our students are experiencing. Weeks after the launch of distance learning, millions of students still lack access to a computer due to closures of schools, libraries, and other resource facilities. Unfortunately, schools do not have the funds to provide critical technology to every student that needs one. has launched as a community response project to provide a holistic solution. In partnership, PCs for People, GoFundMe, Google Fiber, and the coalition, a nationwide project to get a computer to every student that needs one. Aggressive, yes. Crucial, YES! We are dedicated to working quickly to collect, refurbish, and distribute computers to those students in need.

The critical need right now is obtaining computers to refurbish. Calling on companies, corporations, and government entities to donate computers that are not being used. Computers that are donated will be securely processed through PCs for People’s ITAD Recycling Service – NAID AAA & R2 Certified. Once computers are received, PCs for People will professionally refurbish and distribute to students in need. Nationwide shipping logistics available for those interested in becoming donors that are outside of our markets.

Support this Project

Donate Computers: Visit and fill out an inquiry form. A shipping logistic professional will contact you.

Donate Funds: The coalition in partnership with GoFundMe has launched a campaign to support the project. Every dollar goes directly to the cost of refurbishing a computer and shipping to a student’s home.

Share the Need: Visit and share the project! Every connection gets a student closer to owning a computer.

HeadSpin has launched the HeadSpin University. The mission of the HeadSpin University is to offer free intro classes as well as industry-leading certification courses focused on test automation skills, using frameworks like Appium and Selenium. As we all adjust to #WFH, this is also a good opportunity to explore and invest in learning that can help us continue to develop new skills and engage with experts.

To kick things off, HeadSpin has released The Appium Collection, which is a curation of Appium-related webinars and articles by Jonathan Lipps, Appium project lead and author of Appium Pro.

This free collection includes:

  • 5 units presented by Jonathan Lipps
  • 5 hours of video presentation
  • Numerous articles explaining the videos, including code samples

There are more workshops and courses coming up, and certification courses as well. Click here to sign up today, and don’t forget to register interest in the upcoming courses!

Outschool offers live online classes for kids (ages 3-18), conducted over video chat. Outschool's marketplace of qualified teachers helps students continue learning at home by providing a safe, vetted, and fun classroom experience. Classes are social and meet in small groups, powered by Zoom.

As part of Outschool's response to recent school closures, they launched, a program to offer free live online classes to public school families in need. If you would like to match Outschool and help fund this program, you can donate here.

Food & Delivery

DoorDash delivers food from your favorite restaurants right to your door, and is currently operating. They have updated their default delivery option to “no contact” for increased safety, and have implemented new programs to support their “Dashers” and restaurant & community partners during this difficult time.

Farmstead (Bay Area) is an online grocery store that delivers fresh, high-quality groceries straight to your door, for the same price as the store with no delivery fees. Our AI-powered procurement software helps keep your essentials in stock and we continue to receive daily shipments of produce, meat, dairy, eggs, bread, and non-perishables during the COVID-19 shelter-in-place order. Sign up for your first order and receive $15 off plus free milk here.

Instacart offers local grocery delivery and is currently operating. They have implemented additional safety measures, including a “no contact” delivery option in response to COVID-19.

Invisible Hands (not affiliated) - Grocery delivery for vulnerable populations in NYC. Request service or volunteer!

Health & Personal Care

Boulder is welcoming new patients for opioid use disorder (OUD) treatment in Alaska and Oregon regardless of insurance carrier or current ability to pay. We are working hard to ensure no disruption in care to our current patients, and expanding services for Boulder participants to include COVID-19 advice and triage, primary and urgent care services for those who can safely stay at home, and, as always, peer coaching and unconditional support for people seeking recovery from opioid use.

Circle Medical offers UCSF-affiliated primary care doctors via telemedicine, paid for by your insurance. Get preventive care, referrals, prescriptions, COVID assessments and more.

Cocoon is a private app for families. They recently added a collection of health & safety related features to help families separated during the COVID crisis, including a way to automatically share your vitals, exercise, and mindfulness activity with each other as well as notifications for home arrivals.

Forward offers COVID-19 assessment, testing, and care nation-wide.

Girls’ Night In is a self-care and wellness newsletter and community for women. Their Stay Home Take Care guide is full of activities, recommendations, and ideas to help you stay in and take care of yourself and others during the pandemic. Their resource guide is also full of practical tips for staying grounded during these uncertain times.

Hims & Hers - It's more important than ever to stay inside to help keep our communities safe and our hospitals focused on critical patients. For any non-urgent medical conditions like the flu, common cold, sinus infections, allergies, UTIs etc., Hims & Hers can now connect you and your family to a doctor via telemedicine for treatment and medication from the safety of your home. They have also launched a convenient Coronavirus Self-Assessment tool, and recently expanded their offerings to include mental health services.

Nurx offers various telemedicine services.

The Class by Taryn Toomey is a transformative workout of the body and mind. Through simple, repetitive calisthenics and plyometrics, participants challenge the body to engage the mind. With guided instruction and powerful music, The Class invites students to witness their resistance to discomfort. The result is an expansive, heart-clearing and body-strengthening release. This Class will challenge and enlighten you all while building an incredibly strong, lean, resilient body. You will learn tools to empower your life. Visit for a two-week trial.

Zocdoc is the tech company at the beginning of a better healthcare experience. Amid the ongoing spread of COVID-19, Zocdoc is helping alleviate the strain on the healthcare system by building a critical mass of new telehealth appointments. For the first time, the company is enabling its nationwide network of participating providers to offer virtual appointments through its platform. Now, patients can find and schedule virtual appointments with providers across more than 40 specialties — whether for COVID-19 or routine healthcare needs.


Zeus Living is here if you are in need of a comfortable housing option, or if you are searching for a calm, private, WiFi-enabled workspace. Additionally, right now we're offering a $500 discount off every first month's stay for students and faculty members in need of off campus housing (use promo code "UNI500" and a university email address upon booking). More information on our university discount can be found here. And if you would like to learn more and speak with a member of our team, reach out to us at We're here to help!

Media/Social Engagement Alternatives

In an effort to create more human connection in these challenging times the Highlighter team has built the Self-Quarantine Book Club. SQBC is a community on Slack where book lovers around the world are coming together to discuss what they’re reading. Each book has its own Slack channel, so it’s easy to find other readers, share thoughts and questions, or just sit back and follow the conversation.

Paycheck Protection Program

Pilot has put together a mailing list for regular updates on the PPP (current frequency is nearly daily) and PPP loan estimator to help give you a sense of the loan amount you might be eligible for.

Gusto has launched a special payroll report today that makes the PPP filing super fast. More information here.

Pet Care

Fuzzy is a digital pet health company offering live-chat or video telehealth services for your dog or cat. During COVID-19, Fuzzy is offering video consultations with licensed veterinarians for only $25 (usually $50). Fuzzy also offers home delivery for pet pharmaceuticals and supplements, reducing the need to travel to vet clinics. Download the app at or go to

How You Can Help Immediately:

City of SF Response Fund - Donate

CDC Foundation - Donate

C-3 Test funding - Donate

DirectRelief - Donate

Invisible Hands (NYC) - Volunteer

Flexport Fund for Frontilne Responders - Donate

Food Bank NYC - Donate or Volunteer

Meals on Wheels SF - Volunteer or Donate

Outschool Education Fund - Donate

Project Hope - Donate

Second Harvest Silicon Valley - Donate

SF/Marin Foodbank - Donate

#StopTheSpread Recovery Fund - Donate

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